Friday, November 12, 2010

You know you're old when.....

.... your friends were in 3rd grade the year you graduated High School.
.... you know all the words to Schoolhouse Rock Songs and your friends don't know what Schoolhouse Rock is.
.... your husband and friends worry when you go "skipping" down the steps and are waiting for you to fall and break something.
.... you want to stay at the "Adult Pool" because there is more shade.
.... you are really glad that your cruise wasn't a "Party Cruise".
.... you picked the late seating, but really considered the earlier seating to make sure you had enough sleep.
.... taking a nap on a cruise is something you look forward to.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Facebook, I loath you!!

I love my blog, I love my blog! I really do.

I can barely keep up with all the farms, pets, treasure hunting, etc., that go along with Facebook and now I have neglected my blog.

Will I stop all my endeavors that have kept me busy since taking the plunge into the world of "spying" on people I haven't seen in years? Will I actually let the farms go to waste, all the pets die, and go with knowing there is one more treasure to be found?


How can I go on with life knowing that if I neglect facebook I will be responsible for the death of countless plants and animals. My friends won't get gifts from me, they will hate me because if it. What about my zoo? The animals will be lonely and won't get love or attention.

Should I mention not playing Family Feud with those that challenge me? The countless quizzes that will go unanswered? I will not learn trivial facts about my friends that have plagued me for years. I won't know what super hero I am most like, what Hogwarts teacher I am most like, which Mythical creature I am, or how big my boobs are.

How, oh how, can I not log on everyday? Not try to go "one more level" to get the "new thing" that is available for purchase.

This is the dilemma that plagues me daily.

My promise is to better my life, but I cannot neglect those that depend on me. So though I will be on facebook, I will also not neglect you, my blog. Thank you for being there for me when I need it!!

My promise is to try to do more to enhance my life, not waste it. But I do need to take care of those that depend on me. I am sorry if I neglect you, but I will try to be better!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nerf guns aplenty

With a boy of 10 we have Nerf Guns everywhere. Mostly in my darling son's room. At odd times they creep into our lives.

Screaming was coming from upstairs, quickly followed by a crying Lindsey. Her brother had shot her with a Nerf Gun. She was followed by her brother who tried to explain. Thus the following conversation:

M: What happened?
A: She was taunting me and rather than hit her I shot her with my Nerf Gun.

Now, I tried really hard not to laugh, but come on, REALLY???? Who wouldn't find that extremely amusing????