Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Cancan

Hopefully we're not this hairy!!!

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Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday)

Rotten Rice Quandry

I know that you are all eagerly awaiting updates from our vaca, but I have a question for those of you that actually brave my blog. I don't normally ask for opinions, because I'm worried about the responses I will get, but this one was one I couldn't pass up.

A little background: With the start of school (hip hip hooray!!!), my children are now required to actually take baths every night. (It may not last for long, but we'll give it the old college try.) We are alternating days with who goes first because....... I have two children. If they aren't fighting to go first, they are fighting to go last, go figure.

DS was to go first tonight. I told him to go and was greeted with an "Okay Mom." That should have been my first clue that things are not always as they seem.

Okay, rewind to, oh..., 10 minutes ago and this is the conversation that took place.

DD: (coming down the stairs naked with the bath water running) "Mom, DS and I need to start using different..."
Me: "Yes, get a clean towel." (Very long story - don't ask)
DD: "NO, we need to start using different soap."

Now let me interrupt for a moment. I am a fairly intelligent person, tend to have common sense and don't count myself as completely insane, so I should have let the whole conversation drop, but NOOOOOO.

Me: "Why?"
DD: " Because DS came out of the tub smelling like rotten rice."
Me: "What????"
DD: "He does!"

The moral was that DS is now taking a second bath because, as I was informed by Jenn, boys think that putting soap in their hair constitutes bathing.


Inquiring minds would like to know: "Does rice rot and what does it smell like?"

I know that it can go moldy, but does it actually rot and smell?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Laugh a Minute???

With driving for 10 hours the first day I didn't feel like taking pictures to document our horrendous, er I mean momentous, trip. But perked up on day two. Most are explained!

What a sight! The luggage, I mean. It looks like we're moving out.

As with almost anything concerning DD, the following pictures have to be explained. She had gotten a toy at McDonald's the first day and decided to call her ducky (she is actually a swan - again, do we see a theme and should I start saving now for therapy?). So everyone, except Daddy, because he was cursing at the luggage, had to take "Ducky Cheese" pictures with the swan (aka ducky). We all had to say "Ducky Cheese" and put the ducky (aka swan) to our cheek. It gets very confusing in our house unless you've lived there for an extended period of time!!

Now, since I was confired in a car with my family for an extended period of time, I did what any caring, loving, concerned mom would do. I pulled out pen and paper and wrote down some of the more funnier one liners from DD. There were lots that I was unable to publish. (Then my blog rating would have gone to PG - gasp!)
Walking to the car 2nd day:
DD: "Hear this 'Texaaaaas'."
Me: Trying to ignore her and get into the car. "Okay."
DD: "Does your voice only work in Coloraaaaado?"

DD writing a breakfast list for DS.
On paper is written "Sosh is wofl fot"
I said what is "Sushi is wofi fot?"
In an exasperated voice she said "IT'S Sausage, waffel, fruit. Can't you read?"
Me: "I guess not"

At breakfast while fighting with her brother:
DD to DS: "You're losing my mind!"
We did nothing but giggle which made her more angry.

Finally, our hotel. The kids are very excited about the pool.

I took this one night and thought it turned out really neat!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 1/2

So after the Baseball Picnic, which was spent with good friends, we headed on our vacation. Driving 1200 miles can be strenuous enough, but spent with a 6 and 8 year old, can also be very challenging. I was prepared for answers to "Are we there yet?" and "How much longer?" (thanks to TZ) but was completely unprepared for DD to ask about 45 minutes into the trip, "How far have we gone?". To which my response was, "About as far as we have driven." Not being happy with that response, she didn't talk to me for another hour or so. I guess I now know the answer to that question as well.

So starts our 2008 vacation. We have never really taken an extended vacation with JUST our immediate family. I am really looking forward to this.

Now having said that, I did try to break DH's fingers today. Literally, not figuratively. And no, not on purpose. He was being a very nice husband and fixing my seat at a rest area. Very long story, so trust me on this. Anyway, I thought he was done and closed my door on his fingers. After a few choice words that made the bikers there blush, he let me look at them. Thankfully they are not broken and we didn't have to start this trip with an Emergency Room run in Kansas (or was it Eastern Colorado - it really doesn't matter, does it?!?!). I guess I'm not as strong as I think - thankfully.

After 10 hours (give or take) in the car, we pull up to the hotel (10:30pm MDT, 11:30pm local time) and DD gives me this cute smile and says "I love Kansas, I want to live here." To which I said, "WHAT?!?!" and so ends the first 1/2 day of our trip. I am so sure that there will be many more great conversations with my children as we refused to bring the Wii. They do have a DVD player and DS has his Nintendo DS, but we have to take baby steps when "unplugging" our children!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Take me out to the ball game....

DS is playing his third year of baseball. He's not going to win any Home Run Derby but he's having fun. All the boys look great on the field.

Most of the kids are unidentifiable except for their numbers.

Jakob and Andrew (not sure of the child on the left)

Andrew and Jacob confer about something???

Look at that stance

Jakob playing third base.

Not perfect, but improving.

The new way to use a glove!

Okay, this one I couldn't resist!!! Thanks for the picture TZ and Kendra!!

The Dance Recital

It wasn't as bad as the previous picture depicts. Rehearsal was on Tuesday night (the last day of school) and Recital was on Wednesday evening. Although I thought the kids would be toast, they were really well behaved for everyone else but me (as usual). They had a lot of fun and did very well.

Tap 3

Hip Hop 3

Ballet 2 - "It's Not Easy Being Green"

Where am I supposed to stand?

Tap/Jazz 2

The Older Girls

Wordless Wednesday (on Thursday)