Friday, June 20, 2008


This blog is a tribute to Vern and her "Dude, I'm stoked" blog seen here.

I was helping out in DS's second grade class, and all I heard from the boys was:
"Dude, you know what he said?"

So being the mom I am, I starting harassing them by joining in on their conversation. I didn't need to know what they were actually talking about, I just kept saying "Dude!". It had the opposite effect I wanted, my joining the conversation only spurred them on.

DS has been teaching DD the finer art of conversing with other children. They were actually getting along one day last week and I overheard the following conversation.

DD: That's sweet. (Referring to something DS had)
DS: It's not sweet, it's sweeeeeet.
DD: Oh, that's sweeeeet.
DS: That's better.

When did he become a diction coach?

Now I pronounce thee.....

Way back in Pre-School (3 years ago) DS met a lovely little girl (her name escapes me - it was three years ago) who was very sweet and very quiet. Her parents spoke very little English but were very nice. One day he came home and announced that he had a date.

DS: I have a date.
Me: What date?
DS: Don't you know what a date is?!?!?
Me: YES, it just don't know what you mean.
DS: (in a very disgusted tone) I have a date to get married.
ME: Really, who would that be?
DS: I'm going to marry ______. (still can't remember her name)

I left it at that since my comment would have been that family reunions would be interesting since her family didn't speak much English.

Before the end of the year we had a very brief discussion on how babies get into mommies tummies. I explained that there were eggs in mommies tummies. That was sufficient for an explanation.

After the school year was over we were discussing the little girl and how she might be going to a different school. DS insisted that they would still be getting married.

As I was driving he said very quietly and under his breath, "I sure hope her eggs are good." I about wrecked the car laughing.


Forward one year - DS met a little girl named Caitlin in Kindergarten. She was, and still is, very sweet and cute. She also has a great mom. Things are looking up I thought! He mother - Colleeno - and I hit it off and I met a lot of other great moms at that time.

Towards the end of the year he announced to me that he would be marrying Caitlin. I can deal with this as I love the family and my grandchildren will be tall. Woo hoo!

(Pictures of Caitlin and Andrew are eluding me - check back for picts.)


They remained betrothed through 1st grade. At the end of the year, Colleeno decided that it would be a lot easier to move the children to a different school. They are still in the same house and area, but Caitlin was now to go to a different school. DS was crushed, but I figured he'd get over it.

There was a little girl that had a crush on him at the end of the year, but I didn't promote that one for a lot of reasons.

At the beginning of the second grade DS met another little girl, Victoria. She also is a great and sweet little girl. She gives me hugs and I can always use hugs in my life. Once again I lucked out because her mom and brother are great and I get along well with them. TZ commented that it would be great if DS ended up with either of these girls because my grandchildren will be tall. Victoria and her family are also tall. Woo hoo!

Little did DS know that Caitlin and Victoria are friends. They were in Kindie enrichment together and have play dates periodically now. Andrew was a little concerned when he found out, but not too much. It was not, however, one of the girls that "spilled the beans", it was his good friend (?) Jake Z.

We went over to Colleeno's house for a girl scout leader discussion (sounds important huh?), and this is what I overheard:

CD: "I have to have a discussion with you NOW!"
DS: (meekly) okay

I was giggling about this and thought "Ooooo, son you are in trouble now." Well, he has to figure out how to deal with girls sometime.

I heard snippets of conversation that included "Victoria", "Jake", "breaking-up", "mad", and the like. After the discussion, DS looked okay, so I didn't think that he was too upset. The last thing I heard was "Don't tell ANYONE!" from CD. Of course I couldn't let that go so when we were alone, I asked DS about the conversation. He was reluctant to tell me but did. He told me that Jake had told Caitlin that he was "girl friend/boy friend" with Victoria. But he told her not to worry, she was still his "girlfriend" too. Again, I see a theme with my children. They are both fickle!! Anyway, I mentioned that Tommy was still Caitlin's "boyfriend" and his comment was "That's it, I'm done!". I didn't mean to end a relationship, but thought my son needed full disclosure.

We will see what happens next year since Victoria is changing schools next year. The saga continues...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let's catch up on life!!

At the pool
We finally made it to the pool. Last year we were banned from the pool. NO, not due to something I did! It was because Andrew broke his foot in July last year. The kids had a great time and I was able to vent to the neighborhood mom

To Be Continued.....

Gretta the Small Blue Merle Puppy

Lindsey loves Clifford books. I am reminded of these books as we raise Gretta. Every morning we wake up and wonder how big she has gotten overnight. This was evident to me this afternoon as I came home from dealing with my life. She looked twice as big as the last time I actually had time to pay attention to her (Monday maybe???). When we went to the vet on Monday, she weighed 31.8 pounds and she is nearly as tall as Belle.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Someone does not want me to post this blog. I have tried, unsuccessfully, twice to get this out to you all.

Well, I have been avoiding this blog for a while so 4 whole days, but it's time I get it over and done with!!!

My neighbors thought I had a stalker. But no, it was TZ putting a sign on my garage to celebrate my 40th birthday. She was at my house at 5:30am. Now you all know that I would NEVER be up at that time in the morning, however, two of my neighbors caught her!

My children loved the t-shirts and were happy to sport them for my birthday. (I'm not sure who was drinking in the above picture. Me or my children???)