Wednesday, September 5, 2012


So how do you handle walking into a store a seeing someone you haven't seen in almost 10 years? Also, how do you handle it when that person was so rotten to you, they basically threw you out of their house for something you didn't actually do almost 10 years ago? And..what do you do when said person acts as if nothing happened between you and your friendship didn't go completely down the tubes when they called you names? And...

Why with the utmost dignity and respect. My momma taught me to be dignified. (Sometimes more than others.) I really can't be mean to others unless I'm fumming. I've tried and maybe some people think I'm being fake (I have been accused of that before), but I truly can't. I'm not saying I can't be nasty, but most of the time I regret it as soon as I've been that way.

Am I so petty that I remember when people are mean to me? I think most of us remember the bad times. But I also remember if I have been mean to someone, whether their fault or mine. I can't not remember being mean to someone, so how do others?

So handling things with dignity, does that give you good karma? I sure hope so, there were so many things that I could have said, but didn't. I sure thought them, but never said them. Now, if no one had been there, would this person have acted the same way? Not sure and not sure if I care.