Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lots of time has passed

So much for being a better blogger. I'm telling you, with teenagers, facebook, iPads, books, (the list goes on and on) it's next to impossible to keep up on blogging.

So much stuff, so little time!!

3 years ago to now....

Both children are in High School and doing fabulously, looking at Colleges, in state and out of state, and not really sure if I'm ready to have a College Student.

I had gastrointestinal surgery and have lost 100+ pounds. Woo-hoo for me. Now, however, without fat cushioning EVERYTHING, I'm finding lots of stuff. Bone spurs in my feet and shoulders, hip issues, knee issues, etc. I guess it could be that I am just getting older, hm, what a sobering thought. Anyway, lots of extra skin and will hopefully have that taken care of soon.

Moved into a bigger house. Yes, we upsized before the kids go to college. More space to spread out. Living in the same house for 20 years caused us to accumulate ALOT of stuff. Slowly going through it all and getting rid of things we haven't seen in years, so in essence downsizing and simplifying our lives. We'll see how that goes.

Unfortunately, that catches us up for 3 years. Not all that exciting and will try to keep things updated on the blogger front!

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Martha said...

No Way?!!!!!!! Imagine my surprise to see an update on my blogger feed! You've got this: at least on the blogging and the sorting through the treasures...I'm right there with you in terms of not quite ready for the college stage to start...But they are ready, and they'll do great!!!